A Reminder of our Mission

Praying this morning for families in the region of Sierra Leone. A terrible mud slide has claimed over 400 lives wih hundreds stll missing. Hundreds of families in Barcelona are broken and grieving today.  

In the mist of the division in my city and in my country families are grieving and hearts are bleeding with pain. Whatever our differences are we need to remember that first we should be a Christian showing Christ-like characteristics.

 If Christians are fighting each other what hope is there for the world? We have major problems in this country and it is okay to be different, to look different and it is okay to have different views.  But when we say we are “a Christian, a Disciple of Jesus”  and we use a platform (whether its a pulpit, social media, a front porch, an office chair or an official podium) to hurt others, we are falsely portraying who Christ is and we have lost sight of our mission as being Christ-like. 

Our Christ-like Mission: feed the hungry, love one another, visit the sick, pray for those that intentionally do you harm. When we lose focus of our mission as a Christian, we tend to not be moved by the hurt and pain of others. 

I often find myself asking the question; what does God see when He looks at My heart, My City, My Country. With so many families hurting and grieving we have more than enough things to keep us busy in prayer and mission work. There should not be any time left to air our differences in ways to hurt others and to cause more division. Let’s use our days and time with the platforms we use to bring unity and to pray for the hurting. 

Just my thoughts…

Published by CeCe Grayson

Entrepreneur, Counselor, motivational speaker, personal development coach, instructor, invigorator, researcher, writer, business manager and mostly a woman after God’s own heart

4 thoughts on “A Reminder of our Mission

  1. Wow, powerful and so true. Thank God for using you to put the thoughts and words of my heart, as well, in print. There’s so much pain, confusion and hurt. We as Christians have the ministry of help and healing. USE IT!!! Even if you don’t make the world a better place, make you home and neighborhood a better place. Affect change where you are and the change you affect will effect change elsewhere and in others. Thanks Lady CCG


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