Morning Notes 3: WHAT IF?

Morning Notes 3:

Yesterday Pastor’s sermon asked a question, “What If”. I pondered for hours on this. He asked the question WHAT IF before there was a Coronavirus we, God’s people were praying more. WHAT IF we were more dedicated to doing right. WHAT IF we had been more faithful to attending church, WHAT IF husbands and wives loved each other more, WHAT IF parents had been more strict on our children, WHAT IF we studied God’s Word more. WHAT IF… WHAT IF before Coronavirus we had stopped calling things God said was wrong, legally right. WHAT IF we all loved each other more. WHAT IF the Republicans and Democrats and the entire governing body of this country from top to bottom worked with each other instead of against each other. WHAT IF there were no BIG I and little you, but we were all as one.

If we take a look into the WHAT IF’s and we ask ourselves would there have been a Coronavirus if God’s people had turned from things we know in our hearts are wrong and was daily seeking the face of God. WHAT IF we were ALREADY faithful to church attendance would we be protesting for churches to reopen? WHAT IF we were ALREADY relentless and committed to giving God the ten percent of tithe He instructed to give and, would we be so desperate for our businesses to reopen (in the midst of people dying) because the economy must survive. God controls the economy. All of the wealth in the earth belong to Him. WHAT IF?.

More WHAT IF’s. WHAT IF we had ALREADY stopped killing each other with our tongue.

I pondered even more. From Genesis to Revelation whenever God’s people obeyed His commandments, walked in His statues and sought Him daily the land prospered, families were as one, there was no division in the land, manna rained down from Heaven and the people had nothing to fear nor to be concerned about. So I too ask, WHAT IF?

Even though our land is sick right now and full of pestilence, plagues, diseases and corruption the story doesn’t end there, Pastor said. You see from Genesis to Revelation whenever God’s children repented, turned from their wicked ways and came back to God, He turned the destruction away. Pastor said, we still have an opportunity to turn. We still have an opportunity to seek the face of God, but not for what He can do for us, nor for answers, but the door is still open for us “God’s people” to repent and turn and say Father, I just want more of You.

Just as God’s people before us, we didn’t get it right the first time, but now the door is open……….. Let’s not let WHAT IF become our legacy, become our destiny, become our last words.. #WhatIf #SeedsForGrowth

Published by CeCe Grayson

Entrepreneur, Counselor, motivational speaker, personal development coach, instructor, invigorator, researcher, writer, business manager and mostly a woman after God’s own heart

2 thoughts on “Morning Notes 3: WHAT IF?

  1. Dr.Grayson this is such a thought provoking and inspiring Word. I am richly blessed each time I read one of your Seeds For Growth blogs. Please keep them coming! You are a Blessing.


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