Layover Mode

Dropping Seeds: LAYOVER MODE

You’re at the airport all checked in, waiting for your connecting flight to arrive. You look up at the flight board and you see that your flight is “Delayed”. Hours go by, you’re still “waiting”. You look up again at the flight board and you still see “delayed”.

Now you check with the flight desk and ask when is the expected time of arrival for your flight. She tells you they are not sure, there will be a Layover. (Layover: a stop between flights, layovers xan be long periods where passengers will exit the vehicle and wait in the terminal, often to board another vehicle traveling elsewhere). Your mind now began to get frustrated and tired and weary, because now you are in “Layover Mode” and you have no idea how long you will have to wait.

Then it becomes a reality to you that during your “wait time” you could read a book, catch up on some of your work, call a family member or friend you haven’t spoken with in a while, take a nap, listen to some music or get something to eat. You decide to make the best of the wait time.

Galatians 6:9 says, “Be not weary in well doing, in “due season” (God’s Ordained Appointed Time) you shall reap, IF YOU FAINT(don’t quit, don’t give up) NOT.

There’s an important reason why God has you in that “Layover mode”, so stay in the right posture, that holy place. Remain close to Him in His secret place. Quitting Is Not An Option for you. You’ve come too far, You’ve been through too much to give up now.

Many times we’re trying to rush God. We become impatient and weary during the wait time, but what you don’t realize is that it’s in those “Layover times” that God is preparing you for that next dimension you’re about to go to. There may be some “stuff” inside of you that you can’t take to that next level and God has to do some pruning and weeding to get you ready. So He sends a “delay.”

So don’t get weary in the “delay/Layover mode”, instead praise God for the delay. God sent a messenger to Daniel and told him that “I HEARD YOU WHEN YOU FIRST PRAYED”. That’s what He’s saying to you as you read these “words.” My child, I couldn’t let your flight(your blessing) come when you first prayed. I needed to see your faith in action, I needed to see you not give up, I needed to know you would praise me even in the wait time, the “Layover.”

There’s something special about the “Layover mode”. That should be our connecting time with God. That’s when He and you become one. You learn to walk like Him, talk like Him, partake of His glory, you take upon the mind of Christ, you give birth to new vision, new ministries, new business ideas. You hear His voice clearly and He hears you. Your faith is strengthened and you grow spiritually.

During your “Layover Mode” it’s important to stay at the cross, because it’s also during this time that the enemy will attack. You see, it was when Jesus had not eaten for 40 days, during His physically weak time that Satan approached Him. So be mindful to stay connected to God during your “Layover mode” because your Spiritual strength is what will defeat the attacks of the enemy and will strengthen you to NOT FAINT. That’s why “QUITTING CAN NOT BE AN OPTION ” for you. You see in “due season” (In God’s Ordained Appointed Time) you’re gonna look up and the flight board will change to “Arrival” and you’re going to hear the Attendant’s voice say “your flight has arrived.”

Your blessing is on the way… Hold on, stay in the “right” posture and keep praising God during your Layover.

Published by CeCe Grayson

Entrepreneur, Counselor, motivational speaker, personal development coach, instructor, invigorator, researcher, writer, business manager and mostly a woman after God’s own heart

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